Feminism: the "F" in fundamental human rights

As defined by the New Oxford America Dictionary, FEMINISM is, "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."

SO WHAT DO WE WANT? Equality! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? Preferably right now, yesterday, the day before that, you know, a couple of centuries ago would have been nice. 

Why do I still have to make these requests?

C'mon y'all, it's 2016  soon to be 2017  let's get a move on. The fact that I still have to explain to people why women having to think twice about leaving the house in shorts, women being shamed and prosecuted for being raped and women not being given the rights to do with their bodies as they please, is NOT OKAY.

Maybe I'm biased?

But how can I not be when I was born and raised in a society that couldn't care less about my rights; rights that men have not had to fight for.

As women, we have to work five times harder to be respected and speak five times louder just to be heard. As women, we have had to demand and request rights that are given to men without question.

I should be able to walk into an auto repair shop, apply for a job, qualifications and all and be judged by the content of my resume and my level of experience and not the fact that I have a "V" where they would like there to be a "P."

So what if it means I have to work five times harder? Let that be my burden to bear. So what if it means I have to grab a stepping stool to reach the top shelf? I will hustle hard and fast to get it in no time.

Women work hard. This is not a complaint. I don't go home after a long day at work carrying full trays of dishes and teapots and cry about how hard it was to carry them and how sore I am. I go home, strip off my uniform and think fuck yeah I carried all those bus tubs, fuck yes I did. Sore as I may be, I will work the five times harder and you won't hear a peep out of me because no matter how hard I have to work to do it, I'm still gonna get it done. 

So let's stop taking the heavy trays, taking the strenuous heavy lifting jobs and the burden of deciding what they do with their uteruses and the rest of their bodies, away from women. We are damn strong and can survive whatever comes our way, so let us have it. And give us only what we ask for: our fundamental human rights. 

Rights to our bodies, our sexual freedom, our choice of dress, our careers and our futures. 

Let us be the badass women we know we are. Give only respect and take nothing only note of how, YES, we fucking can.   


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